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The recent global pandemic made us realize the importance of the pharmaceutical industry in our lives. Their constant research and development of drugs to fight new diseases every day are very underrated but the paramount process of human existence. Pharmaceutical syrup manufacturers synthesize drugs every day in their labs and manufacture them on a large scale.

All the synthesized drugs undergo a strenuous testing process and are approved by top organizations worldwide. Drugs are manufactured in various forms for consumption, like pills, chewable tablets, syrups, and injectable medicines.

Syrups Manufacturing Process

Syrups are a common form of medicine manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. They are consumed by everyone, from infants to aged people. Therefore, Pharmaceutical manufacturers have to take genuine care in their manufacturing process. The Pharmaceutical syrup manufacturers undertake the process as follows:

  1. Deionized water is sterilized through quick heating and cooling process in huge boilers to kill contaminants and then transferred to a syrup tank.
  2. Sugars like sucrose, maltodextrin, and glucose are dissolved to form a syrup.
  3. A syrup tank contains paddles that rotate at variable speeds to blend.
  4. Raw materials of premium quality are transferred to the S.S storage tank.
  5. Then the syrup is passed through a milling machine for homogenization.
  6. The active ingredients unique to the product are hydrated.
  7. Then the hydrated mixtures are dissolved, and many liquids of different viscosities.
  8. A mixer blends the liquid to form an agglomerate-free and homogenous mixture.
  9. This blend is transferred to filler tanks and is tested for accuracy and standard requirements.
  10. Machines fill them into bottles.
  11. It is capped, sealed, and labeled under sterilized conditions.

Quality Assurance

The process involves very tricky factors like the temperature, maintenance of hygiene and sterilization, and free of contamination viscosity and prevention of damage to active ingredients by heart.


Maintaining the proper temperatures is imperative to the process; heating the mixture at high-temperature aids in dissolving sugars. The cooling temperature must be maintained to precision since the sugars can crystalize during the process. Active ingredients can be damaged by heat if the temperature scale slides even slightly in either way.

High-quality machinery has to be used to maintain the quality of the products, and the metal of the machinery should not be reactive with the active ingredients.

Sterilization and Decontamination of the unit

To err is to be human. But Pharmaceutical syrup manufacturers cannot have a place for error. Hence most of the process is automated. There is significantly less human contact involved. Humans do only sample testing for syrups.


The texture of the liquid is essential and should be maintained according to the formulation. The concentration of the sugar syrup decides the viscosity. This also ensures the stability of the mixture.

Shipping And Delivery

Properly insulated packaging ensures safety from sunlight, air, and microorganisms. This means one hundred percent quality.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing is a responsible job and is taken diligently with complete dedication. Mondove Biotech ensures that your medicine stays medicine and wishes your health

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