Injectable Manufacturing Company in India

Mondove Biotech is a reputed Injectable Manufacturing Company in India that is devoted to best using its GMP and WHO certified manufacturing facility to manufacture a high-quality injectable range. The company uses only certified quality raw material and pure chemical extract to manufacture the utmost quality drug which is safe and effective. Supported by leading pharma experts, we never compromise on the quality of our products. Our manufacturing unit is well-equipped with advanced technology and our R&D department endeavors to formulate newer drug formulations. We offer complete customer support because we believe in 100% customer satisfaction.

The rising demand for Injection Range

As there is a huge demand for injections in the pharmaceutical industry, the scope of injecting the injection range is also booming. The drugs in this segment can be availed at a very low price from the manufacturers and offer a huge profit margin. Today, injections are prescribed to treat almost every disease, thus investing in an Injectable Manufacturing Company in India can be a profitable decision. Additionally, people nowadays prefer injectables instead of using tablets or other forms of drugs due to their faster results. Thus, this pharma segment is highly in demand in the market and its demand continues to rise with the rise of newer bacterial and viral infections.

Invest in a leading Injectable Manufacturing Company in India- Mondove Biotech

Mondove Biotech is a leading Injectable Manufacturing Company in India, offering a diverse portfolio of generic and branded pharmaceutical formulations. We are constantly developing innovative formulations with the help of our professional team of technocrats who hold master’s degrees in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. We are an ISO-certified company dedicated to bringing the best quality injections with the help of the latest technology and talented professionals.

  • Axomond-1G (Sterile ceftriaxone sodium 1000 mg SWFI) and Pantodip-40 are two of our best-selling injectables (Pantoprazole Sodium 40 mg SWFI).
  • We adhere to strict labeling practices to ensure that every product is properly labeled.
  • Throughout the injection manufacturing process, the company ensures that the environment is free of contamination.
  • To maintain our superior injection quality, any bacterial or contamination is minimized within the manufacturing unit.

Our world-class infrastructure

  • We are an ISO-certified company.
  • All our pharma products are DCGI and FSSAI approved.
  • Our manufacturing unit is WHO and GMP approved.
  • Colossal manufacturing facilities are available.
  • High-end and technically advanced R&D laboratories.

Benefits of opting for a reputed Injectable Manufacturer in India- Mondove Biotech

1. Quality

Being a renowned Injectable Manufacturer in India, we always make sure that we only produce a high-quality injectable range that meets the standards. So once you partner with us, you are certain to get the fine-quality injectable range that actually benefits society and fulfills their medical needs.

2. Save time and money

As soon as you enter the manufacturing contract, your entire production is our responsibility. You need not worry about the time-consuming manufacturing process. Everything from labor to machinery is our responsibility. You will get ready to sell products on time. This will not only save you a lot of time but also money.

3. Growth opportunities

If you are stuck in your pharma career and want to grow your pharma company, investing in an injectable range can be a wise decision. We are here to help you grow your business grow even if you lack the required infrastructure for manufacturing. Being a reputed Injectable Manufacturing Company in India, we have heavily invested in our manufacturing unit to meet bulk orders in a short time.