Pharmaceutical Syrup Manufacturers in India

Mondove Biotech is an emerging and fastest-growing Syrup Manufacturer with high-quality products. It has extensive experience in the manufacturing of valuable pharmaceutical syrups. The inputs used in the manufacturing process, such as raw materials, consumables, packaging material, and so on, have to pass stringent quality tests. We believe in open dealings, ethical business practices on-time delivery, and a broad distribution network. As a result of our success in meeting our client’s needs, we have been recognized as a leading name among Pharmaceutical Syrup Manufacturers. Thus, only high-quality materials are used to create the best formulations on the market.

Best quality range of pharmaceutical syrup range

Our pharmaceutical syrup line includes the following items:

  • Coldov (Paracetamol 250 mg + Phenylephrine Hcl 5 mg + CPM 2 mg)
  • Mondikuf- LS (Levosalbtamol 2.3 mg +Ambroxol 30 mg +Guaiphenesis 50 mg)
  • Mongest (Pepsin 10 mg + Fungal Diastase 50 mg)
  • Ferropac – XT (Ferrous Ascorbate 30 mg + Folic acid 550 mcg)

Why Mondove Biotech is the best Syrup Manufacturer in India?

  1. A range of high-quality, effective, and safe syrup is available at a low cost.
  2. Latest machinery and advanced technology along with the experienced team of professionals and skilled staff ensure cost-effective manufacturing.
  3. An ISO-certified firm and GMP-WHO certified manufacturing unit.
  4. We use sophisticated and high-quality packaging material to avoid spillage and withstand harsh transportation conditions.
  5. Two measurements for quality, namely quality control and quality assurance are followed at Mondove Biotech.
  6. A well-establish R&D team of experienced and talented professionals.
  7. Transparent and ethical policies are followed with all of our clients.
  8. Strong link with the logistic distributors PAN India, who delivers all our orders on time.
  9. 24X7 customer support and 100% customer satisfaction are guaranteed.

Advanced syrup manufacturing tools used at Mondove Biotech

Being a top Syrup Manufacturer in India, Mondove Biotech uses well-built, modern, and fully developed infrastructure in its manufacturing unit. We believe in the policy of maximum use of technology and greater expert supervision to maximize our production. We are one of the top Pharmaceutical Syrup Manufacturers offering safe, non-contaminated, and effective drugs. We use all the quality methods for syrup manufacturing and make the best use of the following syrup manufacturing tools;

  • Product piping
  • Control panel
  • Working platform
  • Manufacturing vessel
  • Storage vessel
  • Sugar syrup vessel

If you are interested in our syrup range or want high-quality manufacturing services on a budget, feel free to request a call back from us at our official website or you can write to us at, we will be happy to assist you.